Strange Terrain
2016, Solo Exhibition, 2D, Sculptures, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality
Ink on Paper
2016, Book, Photography, Machine-Made Illustrations
1KUB Series
2017, WHY/CO, Sculpture, Glass
Jade Vases, Hole
2017, Album Artwork
Center for the Visual Arts
2015-2016, Logo, Print Design, Wayfinding
Eric Zeigler
2017, Logo Design, Graphic Design
River House Arts
2015, Identity, Branding, Exhibition Graphic Design
Situation, Problem, Thing
2016, Book, BFA Thesis
BPC x MW Cosmic String
2017, Accessory Patch Design
Ready to Hand | Present at Hand
2015, Exhibition Catalogue Design
New International Standard
2017, Typeface Design
Canis Major
2017, Branding, Identity, Graphic Design
Culture Clash Records T-Shirt
2016, Apparel Design
Transient Forms
2015, Glitch, 3D Modeling, VR
Piece it Together
2015, Exhibition Curation
Studio 62
2016, Video Projections, Environment
2014–17, Select images
Holly Branstner, Black Noise
2016, Exhibition Graphic Design & Catalogue
Servis, My Goodness
2015, Album Artwork, Photography
2014, Animation, Multimedia